86 year old patient

Problem treated: Lower back and leg pain

“I started seeing Jannet earlier this year for lower back pain due to spinal stenosis as well as leg pain. Jannet is very kind and gentle and spent a good deal of time with me to help alleviate my problem. Her office is immaculate and she was able to zero in on my problem and help me walk more easily. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a similar problem."


63 year old patient

Problem treated: Rotator cuff injury/tendonitis

“When I first came to Bergen Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine, I had almost no range of motion in my shoulders. Now, I can move them easily and without pain. I would highly recommend BAIM to anyone suffering from joint or back pain."


37 year old, Massage Therapist

Problem treated: Migraines

“My migraine lasted almost two weeks in spite of the various prescription medications my doctor prescribed. Jannet took her time and made treatment adjustments after checking to see if my pain was subsiding. By the afternoon following my first treatment my migraine was gone. I cannot thank her enough for her help."


58 year old, Business Owner

Problem treated: Pain, Wellness

"Aili is so warm and caring and knowledgeable. The acupuncture treatments are so relaxing. I often fall into a peaceful meditative-like sleep. The time passes so quickly and I am so refreshed and relaxed after. I also notice a few days after a treatment that any aches or discomforts I may have been bothered by before are gone!"


51 year old, Special Education Teacher

Problem treated: Pain, tension in neck, shoulders and back, hot flashes, difficulty sleeping

“I have been a patient of Jannet’s for the past year. I was in constant pain in my neck and shoulders from stress and a very physical job. I had seen my medical doctor, chiropractor and physical therapist, but the pain continued. My friend suggested trying acupuncture. I was desperate for relief, so I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I ever made! Jannet really listened to what my ailments were and then came up with a plan to help me. I was able to turn my head from side to side after one treatment session! It was amazing! I continued to see Jannet 2 times a week for about 1 month and then we gradually decreased the number of sessions. I am currently on a maintenance program where I go about once a month.


She has also helped me with my hot flashes, energy level and sleep problems. I would encourage anyone who is considering acupuncture to give Jannet a call. She is the best!"


53 year old, Social Worker, High School Counselor

Problem treated: Pain, menopause, low energy

"Dr. Zhu helped me weather menopause. Her treatments helped me to sleep well, quiet emotional swells and extinguish my hot flashes.


She does more than treat aches and pains. She helps remove blockages that stand in the way of fulfilling one's true potential and living one's life fully. Her sensitivity and wisdom coupled with her innate talent are true gifts that she brings to her patients. It has been an amazing journey of true healing for me. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr.Zhu is difficult to put into words."

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